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Jay Gates extending a left reverse-punch from a front stance.

Black Belt Promotions   2007

"Promotion is not based on number of months or years but on results of hard work, dedication and knowledge of the art of Taekwon Do. Testing for a black belt will not be for everyone; however, those who are willing to strive and make a full commitment to earning a high level of proficiency, will succeed."
- Ed Bailey, January 8, 2011

1st Dan
Kathy Murphy - Edmonds (January)
Marissa Foley - Everett (January)
Brian Nguyen - Everett (January)
Randall Fleischmann - Edmonds (January)
Kyle Ashley - Kingston (January)
Michael Yarnall, - Silverton, OR (April)
Elizabeth Staker - Kingston, WA (April)
John Belanich - Edmonds, WA (April)
Dan Shackelford - Everett, WA (April)
Tiffany English - Bothell, WA (April)
Danny Sellars - Oregon City, OR (July)
David Wallace - NE Salem, OR (July)
Laura Bitzes -Thomas- Pasayten, WA (July)
Chelsea Kern - Duvall, WA (July)
Richard Oarp - SE Everett, WA (July)
Casey Earl - Bothell, WA (October)
Amy Perry - Twisp, WA (October)
Sara Wallace - NE Salem, OR (October)

2nd Dan
Terry Bachen - Edmonds (January)
Jocelyn Lam - Edmonds (January)
Azriel Shackelford - Everett (January)
Alicia Castagno - Edmonds, WA (April)
Rachael Paz - Carnation, WA (April)
Rich Wendt - Kingston, WA (October)

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