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Nikka Gaviola extending a high left side kick.

Black Belt Promotions   2005

"Promotion is not based on number of months or years but on results of hard work, dedication and knowledge of the art of Taekwon Do. Testing for a black belt will not be for everyone; however, those who are willing to strive and make a full commitment to earning a high level of proficiency, will succeed."
- Ed Bailey, January 8, 2011

1st Dan
Jennifer Pontrello - Edmonds (January)
Janet English - Edmonds (January)
Tayler Carlson - Carnation (January)
Rod Stevens - Silverton (April)
J. V. Estella - Mill Creek (April)
Bruce Duncan - Edmonds (April)
Terry Williams - Issaquah (April)
Ricardo Vazquez - Edmonds (April)
Aaron Keay - Everett (April)
Kelly Gieser - SE Everett (April)
Francis Agboton - Issaquah (July)
Jesse Simmers-Wolpow - Bellingham (July)
Meredith Floyd - Everett (July)
Leighanne Allio - Bothel (July)
Hugh Thomas - NE Salem (October)

2nd Dan
Corey Haynes - OR (January)
Scott Hubbard - Bellingham (January)
Glen Driveness - Oregon City (April)
Brenda Asheim - Duvall (April)
Brian Davis - Bothell (April)

3rd Dan
Stephen Eng - Edmonds (April)
Glen Ammons - Edmonds (April)
Steve McMahon - SE Everett (April)

4th Dan
Catherine Bonzani - Silverton (January)
John Camp - Eugene (January)
Collin Fonda - Methow Valley (April)

7th Dan
Jay Gates - Salem (January)

8th Dan
Ed Bailey - Edmonds (January)

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